i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.


Let go, or fall.

Let go, or fall.

I'd like to share with you a phrase that has been on my mind; 

Let go, or fall.


At first glance the words sound almost synonymous. Letting go, releasing, falling...

When you look closer at letting go, there is a much more intentional action involved in the release. There is a deep surrender in letting go. Yet in falling, we lose that choice and there’s much less control. When falling you could easily close your eyes and recall feelings or memories of fear & hurt. 

What these few words have brought up for me this month is the balance in life...

Be here Now.

Be here Now.

Doesn't it seem like so much of our lives is spent either planing for the future or reflecting/reliving the past?

We play that game all the time; looking forward, looking back..
This time last year I was or in a year from now will be…
Sure, it can be a fun to play, or maybe it’s really just a distraction from the now.

What ever happened to the magic of being here?
How about showing up, and being really present.

Can you make the most of it and not-so-sectretly love it?

I invite you + challenge you to

Just that.

Give yourself the credit.
Commend. Honour. Praise.
Enjoy. Soften. Relax.

Right now is all we have.
As we go deeper...

Dreaming BIG.

Dreaming BIG.

The tidal wave of January and the new year is a strong one, and I do hope you are riding it. A month packed with so much intention and goal setting can be hard on us, in the belly of winter. As we tuck ourselves in, under the blankets of snow there is ample space and time for introspection and self-reflection.

This message is for the moments in between, when you check in and ask yourself how you are, and those first answers that come up. It's about becoming aware of the qualities of your thoughts. And in those...

Your Gift.

Your Gift.

Today, give yourself the gift of your presence.

It’s not helpful to punish and spend time thinking about when the last time was that you gave yourself this gift.

Do it now. Today is what really counts.

There are many opportunities that present themselves in your day to day that have the potential of being gifts.  And by gifts, I’m not referring to brand new items that you can buy with money, wrapped up in boxes with bows, but more so the moments where you find yourself completely present and filled with love, purpose and peace.

The different possibilities of this will always...