i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.

Be here Now.

Doesn't it seem like so much of our lives is spent either planing for the future or reflecting/reliving the past?

We play that game all the time; looking forward, looking back..
This time last year I was or in a year from now will be…
Sure, it can be a fun to play, or maybe it’s really just a distraction from the now.

What ever happened to the magic of being here?
How about showing up, and being really present.

Can you make the most of it and not-so-sectretly love it?

I invite you + challenge you to

Just that.

Give yourself the credit.
Commend. Honour. Praise.
Enjoy. Soften. Relax.

Right now is all we have.
As we go deeper into fall, travel deeper into yourself.
Send the energy back inward.
Get clear.
The universe is waiting for you to show up.

Be still. Linger in a sun ray. Soak in your breath.

I love you.


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