i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.

Dreaming BIG.

The tidal wave of January and the new year is a strong one, and I do hope you are riding it. A month packed with so much intention and goal setting can be hard on us, in the belly of winter. As we tuck ourselves in, under the blankets of snow there is ample space and time for introspection and self-reflection.

This message is for the moments in between, when you check in and ask yourself how you are, and those first answers that come up. It's about becoming aware of the qualities of your thoughts. And in those moments, do you tend to focus on what you have, or what is not? No doubt, there are always areas of life that need work or aren’t quite as ________ as we’d like them to be, but overall what is it you focus on when you go inward?

Where are you choosing to spend your energy?

If you continue to focus on what you don’t have, what’s not going right and what you don’t like, you are choosing to focus on the more negative aspects of life. This type of thinking is often triggering, and makes you feel like you’re in a place of lack, that nothing is ever good enough, or going right for you. We then generally resort to following up these feelings with negative self talk and limiting beliefs like the ‘I’m not worthy of ________ .’ or ‘this always happens to me because of ________ .’
Hot tip: Be extra careful anytime you catch yourself saying or thinking the words *always* or *never*. For what comes before or after those dirty words, are informing the way you live your life. Every cell in your body is listening.

Kindly monitor yourself. Simply observe, as becoming aware is the starting place of the real work. Once you are aware, you cannot unknow, therefore you are blessed with the gift of choice. From this new birthplace of living, awake in your consciousness, you can then begin to serve your Highest Self.

Focus only on what sparks Joy. Surround yourself with the things in life that truly fill your heart. Manifest that which you desire by focusing on your dreams and feeling into what those dreams actually feel like. For example: If you are manifesting optimal health into your life, don't just stop there. Dive in! What does optimal health look like and feel like for you? Visualize and feel those feelings; the ease in your breath, the support and strength from your core, the feeling of the sun and soft breeze as you joyfully spend time outside being active doing ________ .

That which you focus on becomes your reality.

The universe has plenty for us all. We can all live the life of our dreams.
So, dream big. You can have it all.



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