i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.

Let go, or fall.

I'd like to share with you a phrase that has been on my mind; 

Let go, or fall.


At first glance the words sound almost synonymous. Letting go, releasing, falling...

When you look closer at letting go, there is a much more intentional action involved in the release. There is a deep surrender in letting go. Yet in falling, we lose that choice and there’s much less control. When falling you could easily close your eyes and recall feelings or memories of fear & hurt. 

What these few words have brought up for me this month is the balance in life between control & surrender. 

We are happiest and feel most free when we’ve found the ease in going with the flow of life & being in alignment with our plans & dreams.
Finding this flow is being in the Tao (pronounced “Dao”), the Chinese philosophy which refers to the middle; the grey area between the black and white of yin and yang. Honouring and choosing that as a path, or as a way of life instead of the way we tend to swing back and forth between polarities before finding some kind of balance.

This month’s musing is all about consciously overserving thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. 

Where might you be creating your own suffering or contributing to a greater inner struggle by resisting reality? Are there times when you find yourself resisting or avoiding life’s lessons?

You no longer need to continue reacting out of fear.

You will free yourself by releasing the grip of control.

Where can you ease up, soften and practice allowing the unfolding of your path? 

Create space to feel gratitude in being as you are.
Release the unnecessary clinging.
Lean in, relax and trust.  

Take a look inward.
Let me know how it goes.

Loving you,


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