i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.

Your Gift.

Today, give yourself the gift of your presence.

It’s not helpful to punish and spend time thinking about when the last time was that you gave yourself this gift.

Do it now. Today is what really counts.

There are many opportunities that present themselves in your day to day that have the potential of being gifts.  And by gifts, I’m not referring to brand new items that you can buy with money, wrapped up in boxes with bows, but more so the moments where you find yourself completely present and filled with love, purpose and peace.

The different possibilities of this will always be changing. The thing is, it never has to look the same, so you need not waste your time boggling your mind and overcomplicating on how this should or shouldn’t be.

Just be it. Follow the urges that come up. We must focus in on and become more skillful at becoming clearer on what it is in the very moment that brings the highest vibrations.

Gift yourself a moment in the sunshine. Feel the warmth of the rays penetrating your being. Give yourself time, there’s no need to rush onto what comes next. Perhaps you can even give yourself a few extra breaths, especially if you’re feeling like you don’t have the time to begin with.

Be with yourself as you eat your favourite food. Put it in your best dish. Take away the distractions that diminish. Taste, savour and enjoy every flavour experience!

Pause in a shape you love. Let all of your efforts drop. Surrender to the support of the Earth under you.

Your Gift can be in any moment you choose. And get this, the more you gift, the more you get. And the more you get the better you begin to feel. And it just keeps exponentially getting more and more incredible.

It feels so undeniably incredibly rich to give and receive a gift to the Self.

What this looked like for me this week was having a bath. I have never known myself to be someone who loves baths, yet the other night I felt this strong urge, which I let nag away at me for a few hours. Honestly, I resisted it hard, telling myself the story of me not being a ‘bath person’... until I realized, I was resisting reality by not letting myself follow what I knew to be true in the moment. Why would I let what may have been true at one time in the past hold me back??

When I slid into that warm water I felt so many parts of me being fulfilled; the time spent, truly felt like the best gift

I could ever have given. The weight of being human completely melted away and a sense of Knowing emerged. I connected deeply with the natural rhythms of my breath; floating up [inhale], sinking down [exhale]. I became present, calm, clear and still. I could breathe. I can still feel the rippling outward of that night.

In a life where we can do so much in a day, why not slow down for the parts that are really just the best? Those ones that leave a soft smile on your face and remind you of the essence of who you really are.

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