i want nothing more than for you to be in loving alignment with the you that you are right now, beautiful.

Everything, in it's right place.

Naomi Elder Yoga Instructor in Westboro, Ottawa


Taking my initial 200 hour Hatha teacher training lead by Anne Pitman and David Jewitt was such a blessing. It was an intense four months as an 18 year old as I dove in and immersed myself in the yoga lifestyle. I couldn't have asked for better teachers to form the foundation of my teaching. If you know Anne Pitman, you’ll know what I mean when I refer to Anne’s way; she is grounded, calm and nurturing. David’s teachings always included storytelling, humour, attention to alignment and sound effects. I am so grateful for these two, and all of their guides and teachers for shaping the very way I teach to this day.

I started teaching as soon as I received my training certificate in 2010 and began facilitating classes at Tree Top Yoga Westboro. In 2015 I took a Yin training with Marla Ericksen. I taught for several years, patiently waiting to take my next training, I wanted to make sure it was the right one.

Eventually that day came when I found out a special creature by the name of Meghan Currie was offering a 300 Hatha/Vinyasa teacher training in 2016. The stars aligned and I promptly packed my bags for 40 days and 40 nights in the Nicaraguan Jungle. This training became a pivotal point in my life, and I’ve never been the same, ever since. The training was intensely vigorous physically, but especially emotionally and energetically. This was no longer just about how to teach a yoga class, it was about realizing who you are as a person and being that, fully. Meghan led me to become aware of the quality of my thoughts, break through limiting belief patterns, she brought me closer to my Highest Self and how to connect to my Intrinsic Genius.

Naomi Elder Yoga Meditation Coach

My personal story:

When I first discovered the practice it was my body calling out for help. I was so young and out of touch with what was happening inside of me. Luckily, my mother had discovered yoga in her workplace at noon-time in the Government. She fell in love with the practice and introduced me to it knowing it would help me on my way. 

I suffered from aches and pains all associated with my scoliosis diagnosis (curvature of the spine). The deviations in my spine were causing a lot of tension and rigidity, which translated into hyper mobility through my joints. The hypermobility, paired with lack of strength and very poor posture manifested into chronic pain, that seemed endless and impossible at the time.

The first styles of yoga I pracited were largely Ashtanga inspired. Let’s just say at that age I loved all of the back bends and hip openers and felt personally wronged by any of the hamstring and strength work. I was so used to dumping into my flexibility, it felt like instant gratification because after all, on the outside, it looked great. On the other hand, any posture or transition involving a forward fold seemed impossible, reaching with all of my might with fingers barely passing my trembling knees.

After struggling with my body image and healthy eating habits since early childhood, yoga became my refuge. I soon learned when practicing asana (the physical postures) I didn’t have to think. I enjoyed that; the focus and discipline of the practice. A further unfolding led me to discover how much I’d been holding in, and slowly I remembered how to breathe fully and naturally again. I grew fond of the feeling of being present in the flow and felt the difference of being aware of my breath. It was as if, when I was practicing nothing else mattered. All of the anxiety, stress and distraction that normally ruled had no place, it became non-existent. In those moments I had my first taste of what it was like to actually be Me.

My mat became a place of worship, where I could show up and free myself.

Naomi Elder yoga instructor westboro ottawa