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Private Yoga Classes

Let the practice come to you.

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    A one on one private yoga class is a customized yoga session for your own individual desires.

    It's your time to ask the questions you have around yoga; specific postures, how to transition skilfully, techniques to make you feel stronger + how to make the practice accessible for your body.

    You'll gain valuable insight from instruction, adjustments + guidance specifically tailored to your needs.


    When to pursue private yoga:

    • Beginners. This is the best way to introduce the practice. If you are new to yoga you will use this time to develop a strong, safe & smart yoga practice. 
    • Busy & on the go? Fit yoga into your schedule with private sessions catered to your weekly availability. 
    • For those working with individual health & fitness objectives.
    • Prenatal/ therapeutic yoga. Serve where your body is currently at by designing a practice that is tailored to your needs.
    • Take your practice to the next level/ work on developing a home practice.


    Private yoga sessions are incredibly transformational; whether you want to begin, return or advance your yoga practice. 

    Find the right yoga practice for you


    Single sessions + class pack bundles available.

    Contact Naomi for all inquiries + to book your one on one session.
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