you're going to love our outdoor yoga classes - held twice / week!


" Naomi is a unique, one-of-a-kind teacher. She is funny, playful, outgoing and passionate. She is able to paint for her students an expressive and philosophic picture while teaching. She holds the energy of the space well and her passion for her practice is evident and inspiring. Naomi creates a sweetly powerful and rhythmic class, consisting of a landscape created of creative cues and smart sequences. "

- Rachel


"About three years ago I stumbled into Naomi’s yoga classes. Since then I’ve showed up once a week, sometimes more, all with the goal of untangling my achy body from all the running, biking, and xc skiing that I do! Naomi is a dedicated and caring yoga teacher and fun to be with. She has us do all sorts of poses that build strength and flexibility. I always leave yoga more relaxed in both mind and body."

- Stuart


"Naomi is a great teacher who offers classes in her charming third floor home studio, which feels like a cottage in the city. Naomi's classes are never the same twice - no chance of boredom in this class!  She's encouraging, thoughtful, wise beyond her years, and funny.  Add to this her helpful reflections on our practice of yoga, and you have a delightful yoga experience."

- Pamela


"Naomi's intimate classes are exactly what I was looking for!  It is an amazing workout, always different and it keeps me grounded.  I look forward to every class and enjoy the warmth of the room and of the other participants!  Naomi is extremely friendly and open minded, a fantastic yoga instructor."

- Brenda 


"Naomi has been my yoga teacher for 3 years. Her classes are a welcoming, friendly place. She stresses that each one of us should listen to our bodies ("Be gentle with yourself") and she offers alternatives to accommodate positions which may be too challenging for some. Breathing, stretching, balance, poses incorporated into a workout that may be demanding but not intimidating."

- Carole


"Naomi is a great yoga teacher who clearly cares about her students. She has the ability to teach a variety of levels by demonstrating different ways to get into poses and how to hold them.  The atmosphere in class is always positive and welcoming.  She makes sure everyone feels comfortable in both body and mind."

- Kyla


"I wanted to get into yoga for a while & was lucky to find Naomi through a friend. Just what I was looking for!  Smaller class sizes & geared to many levels of experience. Lots of variety & variation in each practice! "

- Linda


"I have been a participant of Naomi's class for as long as I can remember. I love her style, her energy and her flow. Her classes are always different and she is adapts each class to the needs of her students."