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Workplace Yoga Classes

Yoga at your workplace is an excellent way to achieve a happy & healthy work environment. Customize a yoga class specifically to your employees & company regarding style, duration & location. After practicing a variety of breathing techniques and movement to encourage length and strength, students leave class feeling refreshed and ready to continue a working day. 

Benefits of practicing workplace yoga include: 

  • Mental clarity -  feel more alert & focused, increase your productivity.
  • Boost morale - group activity between co-workers makes the office a better place be for the entire team.
  • Reduce stress - allow yoga to be a tool to manage stress on & off the mat through mindful movement and breathing techniques.
  • Physical health - relive tension & pain in the body; alleviate neck strain, stiff shoulders & tight hips!
  • Convenience - balance a healthy lifestyle into your weekly schedule without even having to leave the workplace.

Take a break from working and gather your staff during lunch hour or after working hours to participate in a group style all level yoga class in the office.

For more information on pricing and to plan your corporate yoga class, please contact Naomi here.

Naomi Elder Yoga Instructor Westboro Ottawa